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alwaysdeserved replied to your post: I didn’t expect the “lost ep” to be in the earlier…

it’s jalex bEFORE jalex oh god. this is good. it’s prob when they were best friends/meant to be more before they re-wrote it to make justin a sibling. UGH.

That’s exactly what I was thinking! Because they both look really young in this, but the lair is just a little different (something that could have been changed when they reshot the pilot…)

POSTED 2 years ago on 14 Jun, 2012
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"i thought they dated before wizards, but i read somewhere that they met when she came on it....(lucy/david, i just saw your other ask post about it lol)"

Yeah, I really don’t know…it would have made sense if they met on the show and then started dating, but it kinda makes sense that he would want his real life girlfriend to play his girlfriend on the show, so…I’m not an expert on them, so I really don’t know. I keep getting mixed answers though. XD

POSTED 2 years ago on 5 May, 2012
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